Hi,  My name is Char!  A little bit about me... I come from a family FULL of fashionable women going all the way back to my grandmother and her sisters. Although I was raised as an only child, until I moved out for college I grew up with my mom, my aunt and my cousin under one roof. My mom raised me on big bows and big frilly dresses. My aunt was the true definition of a diva.  She always had the most fabulous nails, hair, shoes, clothes, makeup and accessories. I remember getting in trouble for rummaging through my older cousin's closet and her eventually passing down her clothes and fashion to me. I used to hand make barbie clothes from old socks. I swore they were ready to rip the runway for New York Fashion Week.  When I was in elementary my mom bought me one of those life size baby dolls and she let me go to yard sales and Goodwill to buy her clothes from the kids section. Fashion has always been a fun outlet for me.  


I originally hail from Toledo, OH, but I was raised in the Atlanta area since I was 2 months old.  I love this city. I consider Atlanta to be Wakanda Jr. LOL.  I take a lot of pride in this city because of all it has taught me about life and my culture. The music and talent, creativity, fashion, how we talk, civil rights leaders, hub of HBCU's, small businesses, and community etc.  With all of that inspiration and a girls dream The Chic Boutique Atlanta was born.  Each curated collection is hand picked and named as if they are my own children.  When I receive feedback on how much you love your pieces and how they become conversation pieces and you are showered with compliments I swell up with pride and joy that TCB ATL can be a conduit to provide that kind of positivity into your life.  In the end, our customers are truly the best at bringing these earrings to life!


The ultimate pursuit of TCB ATL is bigger than statement earrings.  What good is it to be a beautiful woman on the outside but empty on the inside?  Sure, TCB ATL will get you noticed when you show up in a room because of your great taste in earrings and fashion sense. However, it's more about beauty personified.  It's about a woman who is striving and evolving daily into the best version of herself and her jewelry being an outward expression of that inner beauty and self love.  Although you came for earrings, I pray you leave inspired and empowered to become truly beautiful from the inside out.